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“Sag dem Abenteuer, ich komme”

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One woman. One motorcycle. One world.

How I circumnavigated the world on a motorcycle and what I learned from it.

Your world. Your job. Your friends. Your life as you know it. Imagine, you leave all this behind you – and just drive off with the motorcycle. Eighteen months, fifty countries, six continents and ninety thousand kilometres of adventure.

In her account, Lea Rieck tells a touching story of falling and rising again, of courage and serenity, belief in oneself and others, empathy, hope and determination. From one who set off – but who did not learn to fear, but found adventure, friendship and love on her own stony path.
The moment that changes everything can come at any time. For Lea Rieck, it is a normal Monday morning in the office when she sees a colleague watering a houseplant with Evian water. She quits her job, leaves her comfort zone and embarks on a journey around the world – just her motorcycle and her, all by herself.

But what do you do when a military coup takes place outside the window, the new acquaintance turns out to be a Russian sniper, or you burn your eyes in a high desert? Learn his lessons and carry on. The journey takes them past 8000 meter high mountains in Pakistan, through temples and palaces in India, to the safe shores of Australia, into the world’s driest desert in Chile and Bolivia – and finally back to Germany. Breathlessly she lets herself be guided by her intuition and instincts, experiences highs and lows of travelling alone, begins to see the world with new eyes and discovers life in its different facets and forms.

Published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch

›Dwell in the land and you shall be fed‹ – that is out of the question for Lea Rieck. The more dangerous, the better! The worst trips, she says, are best.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

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