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Digital Concepts

Lea Rieck, born in 1986 in Munich, chose Matchbox cars over Barbies already in kindergarten. In 2013 she did her MA in Art History, Business Administration and Law at Ludwig Maximilians University. After graduating, Lea worked for publishing house Condé Nast as an editor and developed the digital platforms of the brand AD Architectural Digest. In 2017 she left her everyday routine and circumnavigated the world in 18 months with her motorcycle. When not traveling around the world, Lea these days works in Munich as a journalist, author and consultant for digital media. Reports about her travels were published in FAS, Welt, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Glamour.

In March 2019 her first book „Sag dem Abenteuer, ich komme“ was published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch – at the moment you can find Lea touring in german speaking countries. Lea Rieck speaks at workshops and summits and the things she likes to work with the most are: dreams, travel stories, architecture, tourism, vehicles and everything that makes the world a better place. And no, these things are not necessarily in conflict.

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